Shorewall logcheck pattern

A logcheck ignore pattern to filter out shorewall REJECT and DROP entries (net is defined as eth0). /etc/logwatch/ignore.d.server/shorewall:

^w{3} [ :[:digit:]]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ kernel:( [ *[[:digit:]]+.[[:digit:]]+])? Shorewall:net2([a-z0-9]*):(REJECT|DROP)

Test if the regex works for your config:

sed -e 's/[[:space:]]*$//' /var/log/syslog | egrep '^w{3} [ :[:digit:]]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ kernel:( [ *[[:digit:]]+.[[:digit:]]+])? Shorewall:net2([a-z0-9]*):(REJECT|DROP)'

MySQL backup user

To create a backup user for MySQL you need at least the following privileges (to use mysqldump):

GRANT SELECT, SHOW VIEW, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO 'backup'@'localhost';