Fetchmail/Sieve on ISPMail setup – update

Quite some time ago I wrote a tutorial on how to integrate fetchmail and sieve into virtual mail with Postfix and Dovecot. As time passes and things change, here’s an update:

  1. I don’t use the sieve part anymore. Instead, I use the ManageSieve server provided by Dovecot. It integrates with Dovecot’s authentication system and you can use all kinds of clients supporting the managesieve protocol, e.g. Thunderbird or Roundcube.
  2. The ISPMail database structure changed since I wrote that tutorial which still relied on the DB structure for the Debian Etch structure. I updated the script to reflect both environments (take a look at the config file). However, it does not rely on any DB views anymore.
  3. The script (only the Fetchmail part) is now hosted on GitHub as I rarely use SVN anymore and the SVN may go offline in the near future. If anybody is interested in the Sieve part, just drop me a line.